On Social Media

Excerpt from Trowel Magazine, Spring 2019, by Bro. Chris Rooney, about social media in Freemasonry.

Self-Guided Masonic Walking Tour of Boston

The walking tour will guide you from Grand Lodge to Bunker Hill in Charlestown. The walk could take you 90 minutes to two hours, so you might want to split the walk into two or more easy segments.

The Tour describes historical events, many of which involve Freemasons, but the tour is also suitable for anyone who is not a Freemason.

Using PayPal for Your Lodge

The average age of an incoming Mason is decreasing as I attempt to draft this treatise. Even more importantly, the “younger” Masons bring with them a requirement of technology to the Lodge. Even the “older” Masons are carrying smartphones, iPads, and have tossed out their pocket protectors.

How to Tie a Bow Tie and Where to Buy

The special bow tie from the Grand Master’s Bow Tie Benefit is now available for purchase on MassMasons.org.
Not sure how to tie a bow tie?
Check out this video!