Fraternal and Official Visits of District Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Bro. Keith Gobin.

D.D.G.M Received Promptly at 8PM

Fraternal Visits:

January 15th – Ezekiel Bates Lodge – 8pm

February 3rd – Pioneer Lodge – 8pm

February 11th – King David Lodge – 8pm

February 18th РBristol Lodge Р8pm

March 3rd – May Flower Lodge – 8pm

April 8th – Eastern Star Lodge 8pm

Official Visits:

September 8th – King David Lodge – 8pm

September 15th – Bristol Lodge – 8pm

October 5th – Pioneer Lodge – 8pm

October 21st – Ezekiel Bates Lodge – 8pm

November 3rd – May Flower Lodge – 8pm

November 11th – Eastern Star Lodge – 8pm