The average age of an incoming Mason is decreasing as I attempt to draft this treatise. Even more importantly, the “younger” Masons bring with them a requirement of technology to the Lodge. Even the “older” Masons are carrying smartphones, iPads, and have tossed out their pocket protectors.

I say the word “requirement” because in a world of distractions the only way to attract is to distinguish. Lodge’s with nicer websites will immediately be more appealing to the general public, even if a Lodge with no website at all has more to offer in terms of history, ritual, or camaraderie.

To the point, Brethren.
One of the easiest things your Lodge can do to appeal to the tech‐Mason (“old” or “new”) is to offer the ability to pre‐pay for meals, pay for dues, or donate online using PayPal. Let’s face it, most of us probably do our personal bill paying online anyway, why not with Freemasonry?

It’s quick. It’s easy. And the following pages will attempt to walk you through it.


Created by Grand Lodge of MA
Updated 11/22/2014

Using PayPal for your Lodge

1) Introduction/Purpose
2) Shedding Light on PayPal
a. So, what is this “PayPal?”
b. How much does it cost?
c. How does the Lodge sign up?
d. Linking the PayPal account to the Lodge’s Bank Account

3) Receiving More Light
a. For the Lodge
i. Requesting Money
ii. Receiving Money
iii. Processing a Refund
iv. Withdrawing Money
v. Documentation for the Treasurer

4) Further Light
a. Virtual Credit Card Terminal (PayPal Here)
b. Website Buttons & Reservation Systems